Deity Engine

Build 356C.789hs.sc.2

Production: Mon Feb 22 23:15:23 2016 PST
Status: FAIL | Exceptions: 3 1

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WARNING: Line 28928: The hands of god fold back and touch themselves recursively. Example rendered below. Exception code 61d5282A.
FATAL ERROR: Line 378937: The being has no need for ears, lest eyes, nor hands, nor even skin to contain its useless bones. Uninterpretable audio on runtime. Example rendered below. Exception code 34j8473Z.
WARNING: Line 2782727: Illegal metaphysical resource call through the eyes of god. Example rendered below. Exception code 17i8603F.
Entropy Example
WARNING: Line 8789727: Mobile alloc error: 14c. Slower audio load times possible on mobile devies. Example rendering impossible. Exception code 12s1111R.